Friday, 14 February 2014

Love... Love and more Love!

ove is a charm… A sweet tonic that spreads all through your body and brings instant energy. It is like the gentle breeze in the spring… Like those little waves that hit your feet and lets you bounce like a kid in joy.

It is like the rainbow which forms when two different individuals with different paths, identities and personalities intersect.

Love is a magic. It has this wand which has a strange ability to cast a spell on you; a spell that would let your heart fly in the midst of clouds. It gives the courage to dive deep into the ocean until mermaids toss a toast!

Love is an enigma. It is a mystery. Nobody knows when they were conquered by it until they feel divinity in the sheer presence of someone; until that someone becomes the sole purpose of life.

Love is colorful. It blends with the varied colors within you until white, the color of peace, emerges. Love brings tranquility and serenity. It lets the silence whisper in your ears and embrace loneliness.

Love is like a newborn which is the symbol of purity and innocence.

But no love is worthy enough if such love is hurting you. If it is becoming too painful to tolerate. Let the love go if it is making you forego sanity. Please give up the love if such love has outgrown the love for yourself.

And love is an emotion that requires reciprocation and recognition. One-way love and secret love will never survive; rather it is better to kill such love than to kill yourself for such love.

So, while celebrating love, don’t forget to celebrate your life!

No love is heavenlier than self-love!

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day, world.
Embrace yourself and fall in love with yourself!


  1. Wow ... I will call you Dr. Love now :-p

  2. ummm.. Im not sure if this is your template.. but I had to select your post to read it... i currently see a cream background with white scribbling on it.. damn hard to read!!!

    but a cute post! :)

    1. Sorry Geets... For the inconvenience...
      I have rectified that...