Saturday, 15 February 2014

Om Shanthi Oshana

Cast                             : Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese
Director                      : Jude Anhthany Joseph
Music Director          : Shaan Rehman
Date of Release          : 07 February 2014

My Thoughts
Pooja (Nazriya Nazim) is a teenage girl who is good at both studies and sports. She is naughty and tomboyish. She, being the single child of her parents, is showered with loads of parental love. Her parents get her everything she wants; including a CBZ bike! When she finds out that her gorgeous cousin sister is married to a bald chap, she realizes that a girl’s life ends with marriage regardless of how intelligent or good-looking she is! That is when she vows to herself that she will find the love of her life herself.

Will she find her perfect match? Will she make the dreams of her parents come true? Will she make them proud? Will her fate help her in an arranged marriage? These questions are answered in a funny and humorous way through this splendid movie directed by Jude Anthany Joseph.

The movie is from the point of view of Pooja. She is the hero of the film. She chases the man. She takes the initiative and proposes the man of her choice. She studies and works hard to meet her acadenmic and professional targets. And she evolves from carefree sixteen years old teenage girl to a matured doctor!

And it is this idea which makes this refreshing and enables it to stand out in the crowd. It is not male-dominated and the female is not portrayed as a whining and crying only-beauty-no-brains-creature.

The movie is untouched by clichés and the screenplay flows like a stream of water. The dialogs are realistic and most of the times evokes laughter.  

The relationship between father-daughter and mother-son is wonderfully captured. So is the friendship between girl-girl, boy-boy and boy-girl.

The movie begins somewhere around 1999 and spans upto the current time. The director has given attention to minute details of these times. The salwar-kameez Pooka wears as a teenager is designed to suit that time. There are little instances to tickle the memories of those times like the Dhoordharshan which still continued to entertain the families, the stupendous hit of Kaho Na Pyaar hai and the emergence of Hrithik Roshan, the baby steps taken by Internet and those Internet Café which started coming up… That first Nokia phone, long-forgotten Hutch network and the dream of every teenager – Nokia 6600! I can go on and on! It is this aspect that attracts the attention of today’s audience whose age varies from 25 to 32. I bet that they will relate to these nuances more than anybody else!

Further, the editing is so crisp that there will not be a boring moment in the film!

All said, it is Nazriya who steals the show. The innocence, dilemma, naughtiness and the shyness that first-love gives and the evolution of the character is well enacted by her. She looks cute and refuses to go away from our thoughts. And I appreciate Nivin Pauly for delivering subtle performance. Oh! One smile is enough and that’s it… Nobody can stop oneself from falling in love at fisrt sight. He lives as the characters and supports Nazriya throughout.

In short, the movie is a delight – A movie that can be watched with anyone (Even alone).
Way to go Malayalam cinema…
You again demonstrated why you are best!!!!


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