Saturday, 8 February 2014

She Flushed Red!

She lay in the bed
As she read;
His messages of love!
She felt wonderful and she let that feeling grow.

Oops! Then she flushed red!

PS: This is a poetry form – LIMERICK. There will be five lines in which first two will rhyme with each other. Third and fourth will rhyme with each other. And the fifth line will rhyme with the second one. In simple terms, it is A-A-B-B-A.

And here I thank my dear colleague, my first friend in the new office… An amazing writer and a compulsive reader herself (She wanted me to say “Hot Babe”) for introducing me to this new form.

There might be new creases
But, learning never ceases


  1. I just learnt what limerick exactly is. Thank you. We never stop learning. True. :)

    1. Oh yes... Learning should ideally never stop!
      Thanks Abyudaya :)