Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tantalising Moon

The clock is ticking
Dear moon is tantalizing
But where are you?
This separation is killing
I am here pining
To hear your laughter
To see you smiling
Ah! Now there is no doubt
Not even a pinch of it
I know for sure
Oh my dear love
I love you
And you are the love
The one born to tickle me;
With the enticing love
And ouch! Miss you lots
Waiting for you
To see you
Oh! Dear moon is tantalizing
And here I am pining
For you
Dear love!


  1. A tantalising moon! Now that seems exciting :-)

  2. Very cool - how the loved one will smile, reading it!

    1. Your comment made me smile...
      Thanks Sherry :)

  3. I hope they will arrive soon and the waiting be over :)