Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Lovey-Dovey Month!

ere comes February spreading the color of love…

I don’t know why, but February always means love for me… Don’t take me wrong… Love in any forms is acceptable… Love for people to books to words to yourself! (Though not necessarily in the same order)

February is the shortest of all month and that is also the month that has the Valentine’s Day. It seems ironical for me because nobody can have enough of love and the Valentine’s Day falls right on the month with least number of days. Come on, who doesn’t like more days in a month and more time in a day!

And I sit back and look back. And I recall my teenage days…

When I was in my sweet 16, my classmates were spreading a news… If you keep five different flowers underneath your pillow, you will find the love of your life in your dreams. I also read in a Malayalam monthly magazine that if you wear whites and sleep on bed wrapped in white bed sheet, you will see your love in your dreams. While the former can be tried on any day, latter has to be tried only on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

And guess what? I tried both. But hey! Don’t ask me if it worked or whom I saw in the dream. Also don’t ask me if I saw the same person or different ones!

Ah! Astonishingly, February is bringing back a decade old memories…. And I never get tiered of good memories!

And the countdown for Valentine’s Day begin…
Let’s wait and see who is confessing and who is proposing…
Who is wearing Red (Means committed) and Green (Which means single)

So here I am wishing you happiness and smiles…

Memories and love!

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