Friday, 7 February 2014

The Prophecy of Trivine

From the book blurb
An emissary of an advanced alien race travels to the Earth to undertake responsibility of an experiment that has gone out of control. The outcome of this fateful experiment, which was conceived millions of years ago by her species, now rests in her hands. As she prepares to deliver her final judgment, she comes across three young men in a sacred forest who change her life forever. 
These three men- a scientist, a hacker and an artist, happen to take refuge in that forest, trying to escape from the oddities of their own unfair lives. Struggling with their dreams and demons, they begin to explore the dark and paranormal behavior of the forest by forging a companionship. From the rare flora and fauna breathing alive on the ground to the deadly wide expanse of the whimsy black sky, everything they find is yet another puzzle unsolved. 
Little did they know that four of them hold in their hands the future of mankind and much beyond imagination, they are connected through an ancient Prophecy that was long lost in the sands of time.

Pulkit Gupta, Srivatsan Sridharan and Tnahsin Garg
All the three of them are Engineers with an interest in literature. They are passionate writers and have blogs at various stages of decay!

Phil, a college drop-out, an ethical hacker and someone who desperately tries to bring some change/end to corruption in his own small/nerdy way. He is also a wanted criminal. He is cool and dude-types. He is young and that shows in his behavior throughout the story. He is also emotional and much attached.

Siv, is a scientist, a PhD holder. He is someone who has sacrificed the comforts of regular life for inventing something which would reduce the plight and trauma that human body and mind undergoes owing to illness. He is dedicated and determined. He is so motivated that he is even ready to sacrifice his own life in succeeding in his experiments. He is impulsive and a little short-tempered too.

Arty, is an artist. He is passionate about art and literature. He likes to listen to the unsaid and believes in the power of heart. He believes that heart is more powerful than mind. He is calm and composed; at the same time he is very alert. He is a deep thinker and an analyzer too. He is a natural leader.

Xona, the Eternal, is an alien. She is a high-level researcher in her race and comes to Mother Earth to learn about men in a micro-level. She is powerful and at the same time she is also someone who is willing to learn and accept.

What I think
The plot is compelling and the narrative is lucid. Though the story is beyond imagination and we know that something like this can never happen, we fall for the writing. It is so believable! It is so descriptive that we feel like we are watching a movie. It is wonderfully edited and each character is given with equal importance.

Though the book falls under Sci-fi genre, it is more than that. It talks about humanitarian qualities and also puts across many thought provoking points. It throws light on compassion, companionship, love and empathy men feel with fellow human. It also speaks about enmity, hatred, greed and selfishness they feel. This contradiction in human nature and the evolution of human race, their ability to adapt and sustain is well established.

In my opinion, Xona is none other than a critic’s perception of humanity. It is both brutal and analytical. She is our inner voice when we witness atrocities and sabotage.

What I liked the most is positivity and that pinch of philosophy it carries with itself. The experience with the book is out of the world. It lets you forget the present and makes you walk beside the protagonists.

The book cover is too dark and doesn’t really convey the content of the book. It could have been made more attractive. After all, looks do matter; in the short run of course!

Then, I wish the paragraph spacing was more. I completed the book in two sitting. It would have been one-sitting-read if only my eyes didn’t start burning owing to the font style. After all, as I said the book is an assured page turner.

The prologue is a little confusing. May be because of the new terms. There were some words which I didn’t know how to spell. So I kind of lost interest. May be it confused me and me wonder what I should expect from the book. But from chapter one till epilogue, it is a joy read!

Should you read it?
Go ahead and grab the book…
It is an assured page-turner and the words lets you weave your own world.
And it will make you fall in love with Sci-fi genre if you have not read one before like me!
Beware: You might forget the real world!


Thank you
Tnahsin Garg for that e-mail asking me if I could review the book and then actually sending the same. I thank all three of you for the personalized message. And I also take this opportunity to apologize for the delay in posting the review; I was unwell L

PS: Awaiting your next book!


  1. I too will be starting with this book soon :-)

    1. I bet that you will enjoy it!
      Thanks Amrit :)

  2. Glad that you liked all the humanitarian issues in it!

    1. Thanks for the wonderful book and the comment Tnahsin :)