Sunday, 16 February 2014

Top 10 Dream Careers

Dreams make us what we are. It makes us determined and ambitious. Dreams mold us and leads us towards the destiny. At times, dreams could tweak the destiny, it would bend the destiny in such a way that the dreams are fulfilled.

Here are a list of dreams I had as a child…
And read on to see out of 10 how many got fulfilled!

1.    Chartered Accountant
Since I started speaking, my mother used to ask me what I would become when I grow up. I would stare at her blankly and she would smilingly ask me to say “Chartered Accountant” Guys, face it. It is a tough word for a two years old. So I used to say “Chocolate Content”. I was happy too because when I grow up I would be something related to chocolate.

As years passed, my ambition and goals started wavering. But, when the time to make the final call came, I chose CA. It was more an emotional decision. After all, my maternal grandfather was a Chartered Accountant. He passed away several years ago and yet people in my home-town identify as “auditor’s” family and my mother always wanted to me to become an auditor too; which I am today!

2.    Teacher
Ah! My mother is a teacher; so was my paternal grandfather. But, my dream to become a teacher has more to do with my mother and my own experiences at school, college and tuitions. I love the feel of being wise… being with kids and feeling young… that feeling of responsibility it gives and above all, accidentally bumping at a student who would be grown up and yet feels childish on seeing the teacher!

I satisfied that urge to become a teacher by tutoring in a neighborhood institute for CA students. But my ambition is teach the Higher Secondary kids – Commerce group. May be some day, I would let that happen too!

3.    Doctor
Let’s face it. The dream to become a Doctor is everyone’s dream though very few actually achieve it. I always wanted to be a pediatrician. But, when I realized that I am totally bad in Science and Mathematics, I gave up!

4.    Police officer
This desire was accelerated by movies of Malashree and Vijaya Shaathi. The power, respect and that feel of Khakhi is something totally out of the world. I even persuaded my parents to take me to karate classes. But, when I realized that they need my blood sample to test my blood group, I gave up my ambition. I would have been six years old at that time and I smartly grasped at that time itself that I am not as brave as I think I am!

5.    Indian Foreign Service Officer
My mother’s uncle would draw me onto his lap and ask me what I would become when I grow up. I would say “Chocolate Content” of course. HE would shake his head disapprovingly and ask me to say “IFS Officer”. He used to tell me that as an IFS officer I could fly across the globe and get a glimpse of the same by the time I rest in peace.

I used to love the idea of visiting new places and exploring it… tasting different cultures and cuisines… But I don’t know where that idea drifted away eventually…

In any case, the dream to visit many-many places is still there and I bet that I would accomplish that dream slowly!

6.    Civil Engineer/Architect
Engineer means only civil engineer, I used to tell everyone. I was crazy about buildings and humongous structures. I dreamt of building them. But people used to discourage me by telling that it is not a girl’s profession. That negative remark used to arouse my interest more. However, my Science and Mathematics was pathetic that I had to give up that dream!

7.    Journalist/ News reader
Media always attract me; even today. And I wanted to be a media journalist or a newsreader. I wanted to interview celebrities or read braking news. I always used to watch English news channels and read aloud the bulletins. I used to spend hours in correcting my diction and I used to learn new words on a daily basis. However, over time, I lost interest in it. But hey! I still read aloud the news bulletin by pretending to be a news reader!

8.    Fashion Designer
The world of fashion always awe me. Blending fabrics… designing cloths thereby transforming them into outfits always amuse me. My mother is an addictive dress-maker. She has this ability – One look at the dress, she can make a replica! Draw her something, she can stitch and amaze you. I know that I got this DNA from her. I really wanted to pursue fashion designing in National Institute of Fashion technology (NIFT). But, I had to make a choice. And I chose CA. However, I am learning the art of stitching from my mother. And I will be a fashion designer (good enough to design my clothes at least) sooner.

9.    Interior Designer
Making the place where you live into a functional very cozy one has always been appealing to me. Choosing fabrics and show-pieces… furniture and all that… then blending them with the space is an art. Our mothers do that easily. I always wanted to be a professional in that. As a part of this mission Interior Designer, I single handedly painted my home… I decorated it… and forced my mother to make interesting curtains and covers. But, I didn’t know go further and make a career out of it. I was scared that there would be no future at all. So, I gave this up. But hey, I still skim through the magazines and browse websites. So I know what is in and what is not.

10. Writer
Never in my dreams did I think I could write. Till the age of fifteen, I could not read anything. Not even my academic books. Then, I dragged myself into the world of books. But still, I could not a write. I was pathetic. I could never express myself and I would always give up. I used to feel really bad because my cousins were good at both reading and writing. I used to think that I am a loser.

Until, a friend forced me to write something. He being a stubborn, pushed me so much that at the age of sixteen, I wrote something. It sounded good. And no looking back since then. Locomente let me fall and stand up by myself.

Someday, I would publish a book – That’s a dream that I don’t want to take to grave as an unfulfilled one. Wish me luck, folks! :P

Now, it’s your turn to let think… What all you wanted to become when you were a kid and what all you became eventually… Also what you can become eventually…

Never stop dreaming… Getting a degree and grabbing a job is not the end of the world… It is only a means to the end!

Till then… Keep dreaming..
But with open eyes J