Monday, 3 February 2014

When I Danced...

hey say life is what you make it. And I strongly believe that life is all about how you perceive it and go about it. Gyaan? I am sorry. An event last week made me think about this and it reiterated on the same. Until two weeks before, I believed that I have a cold feet and that I dance miserably. This is in contrary to the fact that I have been a regular dancer and have performed on stage frequently till six years before!

I confess that I am not a trained dancer. But, let me tell you that practice makes man perfect. Folk dance had been my forte and I have derived immense pleasure by grooving and stomping.

Eventually, studies and melancholy surrounded me. I forgot that I could dance.

Yes! You heard me right. I just forgot that I could dance.

All the friends I made within these 6 years are overwhelmed to know that I dance. And I don’t blame them. After all, I am overwhelmed myself.

So the point I am driving on through this post is that never give up your interests, passions and hobbies for the sake of fitting into conservative lifestyle.

As I always say, we will always have time for what is close to our hearts. So always follow and pursue your dreams in however small way you can.

But why, you might ask me.
In response, all I have is a simple question…
“Do you want to regret in your old-age and think, if only I tried!”

With that thought, happy dreaming and enjoy life.

Please don’t live life!


  1. Life is a celebration, each of it moments be it painful or pleasurable, are all jewels to be treasured. Dance in gay abandon and live life the way your heart twirls Satya :0

  2. Life should be lived with passions ... this is so true and meaningful ... thanks for such a spirited and a heartwarming post :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment, Amrit :)

  3. Hey , pattu suggestions aarodu :)