Monday, 3 March 2014


Cast                : Sathish Ninasam, Sruthi Hariharan, Sanjay, Achyuth Kumar
Director          : Pawan Kumar
Music             : Poornachandra Tejaswi
Producer         : Audience Films and Home Talkies
Release Date : 6 September 2013
Language       : Kannada

Nikki is a torch-shiner in a small and rather old theatre; a theatre which is having a slow death owing to its inability to sustain the competition posed by Multiplexes. It is passionately run by Shankaranna. Nikki is also an insomniac and one night he accidentally meets a bunch of people who offer him the “dream-pill” named Lucia. Lucia lets him sleep and enjoy dreams. In dreams, he sees himself in a way he always wanted to be. In the dream he comes across as movie star, Nikhil, rich, famous, and successful.

The rest of the movie is about Nikki’s real life and the dream life with an unexpected twist in the climax which leaves the audience spellbound.

My Thoughts
I watched this movie almost two months before and I watched it twice, back-to-back! I could not really write a review because it made me speechless. It made me understand that sometime words fail us. But today, I sit down to pour out my thoughts about my movie; forcefully.

Lucia is a movie which shines with sheer brilliance and tickles the intelligence of the audience. It is impeccable and beautifully composed.

The dialogs are catchy and thought provoking. Songs are very good. They are well-choreographed and rightly placed. It will hold your attention and lets you hum even after the movie is over!

A pat on the back of the cinematographer. He has used two different tones – Color and black & white – for portraying the lives of Nikki and Nikhil.

Sathish Ninasam as Nikki and Nikhil is brilliant. Both the characters are very different from each other and Sathish has portrayed that wonderfully. He acts with an ease; free of pretense. It seems so effortless and natural! It is impossible to believe that Lucia is his first movie as a Hero. I read that he has played many supporting roles before.

Sruthi Hariharan as Shwetha (Both in dream and reality) looks stunning in both modern and traditional avatar. She portrays a matured performance too and makes the characters so believable and relatable!

But, this movie is far beyond acting and screenplay. It hits a chord with the audience at an intellectual level. It has lots of psychological elements to it.

And what really bothered me is the fact that director Pawan Kumar had difficulty is getting a producer for the film. He then raised the fund by collecting the same from general public. Hence, the production house is named, Audience Films and Home Talkies!

How I really wish that the movie had received more exposure and reach. It indeed deserves so much. If this was a Hindi movie, may be, it would have received a wider audience. May be some hu-ha over nominating it for Oscars!

Having said that, I genuinely suggest that you watch this movie. It comes with English subtitles.

(I am not being generous or biased. This movie deserves it!)

PS: I thank my ex-colleague and now-friend for gifting the CD of this wonderful movie. Thank you sir!

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