Sunday, 9 March 2014

Oh Man!

I look into your eyes
Ouch! It hypnotize
Oh, man
What are you doing to me?
You better come and answer me
Hey, please! Don’t poke at me
It is not funny
Because I am feeling crazy
Very-very Lovey-dovey
But, oh man!
I don’t even know you
I just now saw you
And those eyes
Which hypnotize
And ignite unknown desires
Is this love?
I really don’t know
Oh man!
I am going mad
Where is the drink
Please don’t smirk
It is giving me a kick
I wish you give me a ring
So that I can ping
Say something
Those sweet-nothing
This is maddening
Ok, I am stopping;
This crazy fantasizing
And do some drinking
Go for dancing
Are you coming?
I feel like asking
But here I am gulping
The whiskey is amazing
My heart is racing
I am enjoying
Thanks for coming!


  1. smiles... it's the eyes that make me fall in love in the first place as well....butterflies... no whiskey for me though as it can blur the ability to evaluate a bit...smiles

    1. Ah yes! It can blur the vision and the thought flow!
      Thanks Claudia :)

  2. Things seem to be moving at a fast pace. Glad it's all over. Nicely Locomente!


    1. It started and ended very fast!
      Thanks Hank :)

  3. I remember the days when it felt positive and safe to follow up the chemical connection of sight and smell--without drink and without worry--or with drink to destroy hesitation. You have re-captured those risky and riskee days for me so I am smiling. But, Oh, I can not recommend it anymore, and as for me--I still enjoy the spark, but need the marvelous breathing of friendship to ignite the flame.

    1. I dont recommend this either...
      But such thoughts could be fun... Almost dream-like..
      Thanks Susan :)

  4. This speeds along like locomotion - sort of like the title of your blog........I enjoyed it! Feeling a bit dizzy now:)

    1. Lolz...
      Sounds like that to me too!
      Thanks Sherry !!

  5. love can definitely be difficult to figure out. thanks for sharing