Friday, 21 March 2014

Shopping Spree!

nju was looking for this day – The day scheduled for shopping spree. She skimmed through the dresses and settled to wear blue cotton capris and white tee-shirt with sneakers and conductor bag.

It was only mid-March and Bangalore was already too hot to bear. The Sun’s ray seem to be penetrating through the skin and the scorching heat was driving her mad. But, anything for shopping, she said aloud.

Anju was living alone in Bangalore. Her weekends always involved travel, either to her hometown or to her relatives in Bangalore. But, that weekend she decided to explore Bangalore and shop until there is no money left!

It was ten in the morning when she left. She got into the public bus and bought a day’s pass. This was the best part in Bangalore. She paid Rs.60 and now she can travel in any Non-A/c bus any number of times throughout the day!

Her first stop was at the infamous Commercial Street. It is a shopper’s delight. She instantly fell in love with three tops and one checked tee-shirt which cost Rs.250 each.  But, she knew that she can bargain. And she took immense pride in her bargaining skills. After repeating the same thing again and again for five long minutes, the shop-keeper agreed to give them at Rs.225 each. She left the shop with delight.

She had a soft donnut and bought two more tops.

Then, she stopped to just go through a street-shop with varieties of accessories like bangles, bracelets, ear-rings and studs, finger rings, hair clips and bands, etc. She had no plans to buy any of them. Being a honest person herself, she told the boy in the shop that she is just going through the stuffs and that she is not planning to buy any. However, she ended up buying a set of bangles in copper, a dozen on colorful thread bangles and three pairs of ear-rings. She bargained. But she was not satisfied with the discount. But the boy startled her with a cashback. He said that she is her first customer. She smiled back and headed to the bust stop.

The next destination was Mantri square mall, Malleswaram.  It is one of the biggest malls in Bangalore and as always it was crowded.

She had Shopper’s Stop coupon. She bought a two pairs of cotton casual trousers for office wear – in blue and black.

It was only five in the evening. She realized that she has not taken any lunch! This is what shopping does to her; it makes her forget everything. She crossed the road and had yummy-yummy bhel puri.

Then, she caught a bus to Malleswaram 8th cross. It was crowded beyond words. She loitered around for some time, bought a softy cone ice cream for herself and enjoyed the feel that old Bangalore gave.

Around eight at night, Anju caught bus back to home.  Her hands were full, but her pocket was not! However, she felt glad.

It would take an hour to reach her home. In no time, she dozed off….

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