Saturday, 1 March 2014

Summer... Sweat and all that

I am sorry… March makes me think of ONLY summer… sweat and all that!

I HATE March… Really!

I hate sweat and the heat… Going out becomes torturous and you end up looking tired (Greasy, if you are me!) all the time.

 I prefer shivering in chill or getting drenched in rain than to sweat profusely in heat!

How I wish that we could skip this month altogether… How I wish that we had that choice!

Then, there is Holi – The festival of colors; a festival that ignites fear within me. Thanks to an incident that I happened to witness as a child; it scares the shit out of me!
(To know what happened, click here)

This month also makes me become nostalgic! It brings back the precious memories of my school day… Of my SSLC exam and how relieved I was when it got over. And today, how desperately I wish that my school days never got over. I feel like I am ready to write 1000’s of Board exams if I get an opportunity to relive those awesome days again. That makes me wonder, do you feel the same way like I do? Or am I the only one who is reluctant to grow up?

Between, are we already in the 3rd month of this new-year? Can time flutter so fast?

I am panting…
I am unable to run faster to match with the changing time…
So here I am taking deep breaths…

And hoping for a less sweaty March!


  1. It's March ... and the temperature here right now is 12 degree celsius :-p

    1. But for me it should be 36 degree already :(