Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wild Idea!

At 42, Sundar was the celebrated CEO of an airline company. His out-of-the-box thinking, business acumen and cost reduction techniques was well appreciated.

But, Sundar never felt happy. His heart always lied in wildlife photography.

He still remembered what his parents told him…

“Wildlife photography?! Have you gone mad? You have to study, get professional degree and then make regular income”, they had told him.

As a teenager, he didn’t know how to make his dreams come true without their support.

But, on his 43rd birthday, his wife gifted a box containing a camera. She asked him to resign from his job.

She added that it was time for him to wear his wings and fly with birds… And wildly chase his dreams with the wild animals!

 She assured that their 13years old son is old enough and she has a career of her own.

Their son nodded.

With moist eyes, he hugged them both…

PS: Thanks Rochelle for this wonderful prompt.

PPS: Apologies that it is 155 words. I couldn’t edit it further!


  1. Hurrah! Good for her. Too many people never get to follow their dreams and even if they try, they don't always have a supportive spouse.

    Just a few technical things (and hoping you don't mind): "techniques was well appreciated" should be "were well-appreciated" (and you just lost one word); "heart always laid" should be "heart always lay" or "had always lain"; "she has a career" should also be in the past tense, "she had a career."


    1. Aw,.. Janet, thats so sweet of you!
      Thanks for pointing out the silly mistakes I have made...!!!
      I shall edit sooner...

      And of course, thanks for the comments :)

  2. You only live once and folks should follow their dreams and make them happen if possible.

  3. Nice to have dreams even if they are of our dreams.

  4. Oh what a uplifting story! Well done!

  5. What a wonderful way to handle a birthday.. loved the thought that went into this.

  6. Clever story and clever birthday. How fun! Nan :)

  7. Dear Satya,

    Sundar is one lucky guy to have such an understanding wife. It takes a special person to realize her husband will never be truly happy unless he follows his dreams. Lovely story.