Sunday, 20 April 2014

Best Laid Punishment

As if there is no light
And no hope
She sighed
And gazed through the glass window
Smiles greeted her
Laughter echoed around her
But she was alone
Tears had drained long before
She was fuming within
Her kohl-lined eyes reflected her agony

She had dreams
Umpteen actually
Dreams of flying high
Embracing success and feeling blissful
But that seemed like a dream within a dream
Love and happiness seemed fictitious to her

Never in her life did she imagined
Yes! Never once she imagined
That the biggest and only dream that came true sometime before would immerse her into anguish
The pain was intolerable
There was no wounds; no scars.
Mere pain; as if a knot was detangling itself within the depths of your stomach. In such a scenario, how would you address that pain?

She wanted to scream at someone
But there was no one hear
She wanted to cry her heart out
But no hands to wipe those tears
A punishment, she concluded.
Her success was her punishment
That success for which she burnt mid night’s oil...
That success for which she pined fanatically
That success which she thought would put end to her plight – was her punishment

She marveled at the super-power’s plan
What a well thought out plan it was!
An impeccable one
As if mixing poison in a mouth-watering sweet
As if giving a slow-poison in the form of a chocolate
As if giving wings to fly high... Then cutting the wings only to fall miserably

She smiled...
Her success was many other’s dream
Her success was the world’s envy
But her success was her punishment

The best laid punishment ever!


  1. that's one hell of a pain and anguish..
    and I inanely thought, only “love” was capable of inflicting such a level of pain or so I endured..

    "Anbirkum undo adaikkuntaal arrvalar Punkaneer pusal tharum"

    1. Nooo...
      Loneliness, success... poverty...
      There are many reasons to feel the pain

  2. Often, success may lead to loneliness ... brilliant poem Satya ... one of your bests I would say :-)