Saturday, 5 April 2014

Feeling Numb

any a times, life would make you feel numb. So many thoughts would suffocate you and therefore, you stop feeling anything at all. Your rational mind would try to carry out the job of a traffic police, streamlining the umpteen thoughts that the little heart lets out. And you would just feel numb.

How else can you feel when loved ones fail you? When they become hideous? Doesn’t it hurt when people who were a part of your life, day and night, betray you? When they take important decisions without you on their side? Didn’t they consult you for dress color and type of spectacle’s frame? Didn’t they eat what you ordered without any complaint? Weren’t they there when you fell and failed miserably? Didn’t they lend an ear and a comforting shoulder once?

Time is busy and it is cruel; it stops for none. It doesn’t care how others feels and what made them to what they are today.

People may come and people may go. But there were be a handful of them whom you care for, from the bottom of your heart. Shouldn’t they be the first person to whom they confront when something important comes up? If they don’t, doesn’t that mean you were no one to them?

And such are the times when life makes you numb. It makes you look back and wonder was the life with them and so many others worth it.

Silence is a soft-killer, like the beauty of a witch. It is bewitching and dangerous. Sometimes we mistake silence to being busy or sometimes our ego would reign and we may fail to notice when it conquered. We become slaves to such silence. We get used to ourselves, our present and time, the cruel monster, keeps ticking.

One day, you realize that you were just a fool – emotional fool.

But then, you wipe off those tears and smile to yourselves. You convince yourself that life has to move on. And you go on and on...

Their memories would make you numb. You realize that it is memories and not life that is making you numb. You make peace with them.

Ah! Life would be peaceful now; serenity would resume.
However, you will not be the same person anymore.
You would start feeling that numbness within and around...

The clock continues to tick...

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