Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fool's Month

Ah! Is it 4th month already – The fool’s month!?

Well, I am trying to recall the story behind April 1st being celebrated as a Fool’s Day. But, my memory fails me. Please share the story, if you remember. I am feeling too lazy to Google and find out! L

However, I smile. Because I still remember the April fool pranks we used to play as a kid. Some would be really silly than foolish. So apologies…

As a kid, the the only fooling game I knew was this. If your name is John, I would ask, “Hey John, what is your name?” Thanks to the reflex, you would reply, “John” and I would laugh aloud and say, “April Fool”. If I am with a group of friends, then, the laughter would echo louder. I hope that you got the pun.

When we became a little older, we used to do is to wish others, “Happy Birthday”. The idea is that it is a fool’s day. You being a fool, it is almost like your birthday, you know, like the fool is born. And then, we also get “Wish you the same” in reply. We would smile at each other satisfied. I am going to wish a Happy Birthday to someone today. To relive those days, maybe.

Then, we would lie believably. We would say that a friend fell down from the cycle, or he fainted and stuffs.

Ah! The famous call-a-friend. No, this is not similar to phone-a-friend option in famous and unforgettable Kaun Banega Crorepati. Under call-a-friend, we would call a friend and speak in a different tone. We would pretend to be someone else and drive the friend crazy. You see, those days it was only landlines and identifying caller by name or number was not possible unless you had a caller-ID.

And I grew up and took Commerce. When we learnt that the Financial Year for Income Tax Act begins on 1st April, we started wishing each other “Happy New Financial Year”. OK… OK… I know this is not funny, but silly. But I have done that. What to do?

Then, I grew up more. My April 1st celebration was restricted to MTV Bakra. I don’t know if the show is still aired. It was real fun.

When I grew up further, April 1st was spent by counting the cash-in-hand and closing stock of companies. I am Chartered Accountant, you remember?

Eventually, when Locomente was born, my April 1st is spent thinking about what to post…  J

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