Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Grandmother Almirah

This is a product review hosted by BlogAdda in association with Asian Paints. However, views expressed here are based on personal experience

And there stood the grandmother almirah (Like the grandfather clock) – An almirah that has survived the tests of times. My mother says that it is a gift to my maternal grandmother from her mother, i.e. my great-grandmother’s gift to my grandmother!

That almirah is also my favorite piece of furniture at home. It is so huge that it could store almost all the books I have, both academic and others!

But, it also looked tiered and old. There has been many a times when I have felt embarrassed. I have felt that it looked out of the place and I should find some way to hide it. Butt, who was I kidding? How can I hide something as huge as the grandmother almirah!

Therefore, it stood there, tall and dirty yet storing my priced possession – books.

That’s one I come across the product review by BlogAdda.

It read:

“Kerala believes in preserving their prized heirloom and moreover quality wood furnishings are an investment, which are expected to last a life time. Good wood is hard to find and preserving it is even more difficult with it being influenced by weathering, decay, scratches, stains and many other problems.

Here we are presenting to you the Asian Paints Aquadur PU, Luxury Aqua Wood Finish as a part of the Product Review Programme at BlogAdda.”

And I was elated. The first thing that came to my mind was the grandmother almirah. I prayed to God that BlogAdda should shortlist me.

Finally, I got a mail saying that I am one among the 12 bloggers from Kerala who will have the opportunity to get any wooden door polished with Asian Paints Aquadur PU.

Woohooooo, I exclaimed!

About Asian Paints Aquadur PU
Asian Paints Aquadur PU Interior gives your furniture a rich, premium finish, without harming you or the environment!
It is the ultimate water based shield for wood. It gives you extremely high durability for all your furniture, at the same time, providing a rich finish. The application of the product is very easy, making it user-friendly. It is safe for children owing to the low metal content, dries almost instantly and leaves no paint or polish-like odor behind.

1.       Easy application
Aquadur can be applied with a brush and roller, making it far easier to apply than conventional PU, which is always spray painted.

2.       Child Safe
Aquadur PU has very low toxic metal content and is EN 71.3 compliant for low metal toxicity which also makes it a child safe product.

3.       Low VOC & Odour
Aquadur Water based PU surpasses European standards for low VOC and is virtually odourless, making it a green product in the complete sense.

4.      Quick drying
Complete painting your furniture twice as fast with Aquadur as compared to conventional PU.

Steps to use the Product

1.        Sand the wood and clean it with a fine muslin cloth.
2.       Apply one coat of Aquadar wood preservative allow drying time of two hours. However, this is optional for interiors.
3.       Apply Aquadar wood stain by ragging and allow to dry for two hours.
4.      Apply two wet coats of Aquadar wood filler at an interval of 15 minute. Allow to dry for two hours
5.       Apply two coats of Aquadar base coat at an interval of four hours. Allow to dry for four hours.
6.      Apply two coats of Aquadar PU Exterior Matt/Glossy top coat at an interval of four hours. Allow to dry for four hours.

My Experience
Because I work in Karnataka and my home (heart) is my Kerala, I could not witness the makeover of my dear Grandmother almirah. It happened over a span of two days, 24th and 25th March 2014. However, an over-excited mother and a keen-observing father kept me updated.

Day 1: 25th March 2014
They told me that first they sand the wood, then, they applied a coat of Aquader wood preservative.

Day 2: 26th March 2014
Then, the following were applied in an interval of 2-4 hours:
1.        Aquadar wood stain
2.       Aquadar wood filler
3.       Aquadar base coat
4.      Aquadar PU Exterior Matt/Glossy top coat

1.        A glossy grandmother almirah
2.       A happy mother
3.       A proud me, aka Locomente!

All thanks to BlogAdda and Asian Paints. Thanks for Deepak, the Asian Paints marketing executive and also the contract worker who patiently did the makeover.

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