Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Twin Towers

t’s a week since I left the comforts of my homeland and landed to a foreign country. Like any first-time international traveler, I was scared, felt uncomfortable and uncertain. I was not sure about the weather or the culture.

With very less baggage, and lots of fear, I started my first international journey – Malaysia.

The only comforting thought that lingered in my mind is that Malaysia is almost like India.

And ta-da…

Malaysia is indeed like India… There are many people who speak Tamil… Sometimes Tamil songs blare from the local FM…

The weather is awesome. It lets me get the flavor of all the climates. It will be sunny till noon. Afternoons will be cloudy. And it rains in the evening. Another strange thing I noticed is that it becomes dark around 7.30PM, Malaysian time.

Being a vegetarian, food is always a problem for me. But, I can survive by eating fruits and breads. So I am happy that way. Two days before, I tried Thai food and I actually enjoyed it. I also realized how much I enjoy Indian spices and masala. I think I never knew that I would miss it and pine for it.

Well, last Sunday, I went to the Patronas Towers – The Twin Towers. It is a high-end shopping mall. You name the brand and you have an outlet. In spite of being a shopaholic, I didn’t buy anything because I kept converting the price from MYR to INR. And because 1 MYR is INR20, I found everything to be too expensive; so I gasp! However, I did lots of window shopping and took a few photographs.

And here I am sharing images of the Twins who towered in front of me….

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