Sunday, 27 April 2014

Truly Asia - Malaysia

It was a Sunday, in a new country…
And I was given an option to explore it alone.
So, I did detailed research and chalked out a plan…
I listed out the places that I should visit and the order in which I should visit as well.

Carrying a back-up… My mobile camera (Digi-cam was not working for God-knows-what-reasons)… Fear for I was alone in a new country… And tons of expectations… Excitement and adrenaline rush!


Presenting to you…
The flavours of Malaysia captured through the camera lens…
My first International travel…

Then, the Batu Caves…
Where Lord Murugan mesmerized me…
And the caves per se, gave me an out of the world feel. It felt divine.
Guess what? I went there on the day of Panguni Uthram

Then, I headed to Thean Hou Temple – A Chinese temple.
It was peaceful and vibrant…
It was far less crowded and I was blessed enough to indulge myself in serenity.

Shopping time!
So, I went to the Palaling Street; also called the China Town.
I bought bags and souvenirs.
It was crowded with people and flooded with articles.
But, brush up your bargaining skills before visiting there!

Later, I hopped into one of the “GoKL” buses
It is a free conveyance system within Kuala Lumpur (KL).
The bus takes us to some of the most-frequently visited spots.

I went to the Pavilion Mall – One of the biggest in KL.
You name the brand and there would be an outlet there.
For the commoner, affordability will be an issue
But, window shopping is always free!

My next stop was in front of the famous Patronas Twins.
It was evening by then and I was tiered; it was a long-day after all.
But, the twins awed me and rejuvenated me.
The Golden Triangle amazed me…
I took some pictures from different angles.

The Public Bank, in front of the twins, gave a solo competition!

Through the Sub-way, I walked towards the Total Aquaria.
There I saw several varieties of fishes, lobsters, scorpions and even a python.
The star fish is my favourite, though.

Ah…. I am tired and hungry… After all, it was 8PM by then…
A 12 hours long outing can be fun, but tiresome too.
So, I headed back to my abode.


  1. Wow ... you surely had a great time :D

  2. Nice've enjoyed a lot..waiting for the detailed pictures.. :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna...
      Working on the detailed pictures...
      It will follow soon :)