Friday, 18 April 2014


I think about you…
And I am already feeling as light as a feather,
Which hurls and swirls in the midair;
In the midst of clouds and swaying leaves.
I feel as if the cold breeze has hit me,
And spread within me.
Then a little smile creek on my face.
Am I so beautiful, I wonder in disbelief!
Oh no! Love makes life beautiful, I realize.
You make me and my life beautiful, I correct.
The crease in my forehead recede.
The furrows disappear.
After all, I am thinking about you!
Your contagious smile reaches me,
Crossing the frontiers and hurdles.
It hits me straight and spreads through out.
It caress my body and I almost wonder if that’s your magical fingers over me!
Yes, rather shamelessly. Blatantly.
But dear love, let me clear the air.
I am not a romantic.
But I fail to understand what happens to me when I think about you.
I feel transformed and transcend to a fairy land;
A land that has only you and I.
Your gentle hands around my petite figure
And little eyes fondling all over me
When I lose myself to your charms, you nuzzle.
And make a childish face.
Ah! I fall again for you.
I collapse in your arms and draw you closer
Very close;
Until our heart beats against each other’s chest…
Until our breaths blend …
Until our souls marry into one,
Shredding the entity called body…
Peeling the mask called shyness…
And until love kisses us passionately through our longing lips!


  1. I always heard girls could be soo passionate.. much more than guys.. today i witnessed it in this blog..
    your companion must be lucky.. :)

  2. Aww :) feels like a tale of first love :)

  3. You know how much I love your love poems and haiku ... and this one is truly one of our best that I have read :-)

    1. I know...
      And such appreciations makes me write more and more!!!
      Thanks Amrit...

  4. This is a masterpiece! You've really brought home the beauty of being in love with someone.

  5. 'Oh no! Love makes life beautiful, I realize'...this is indeed a great realization....

  6. Sensuously beautiful and enticing. Makes the reader feel young! Nicely Locomente!


    1. Thanks Kaykuala...
      Glad that I was able to do that :)

  7. you say you're not romantic but romantic can be manifest in the littlest things. the way open your eyes. the way you lick your lips, the way you breathe, the way you walk either toward or away, when you hear rocks catch waves or listen to the osprey this is all within you. romantic isn't it? you are romantic just by endeavoring to write these words. your partner will embrace your romantic shyness when you gently touch him or her. sensuality will lustfully spill out. good luck at trying to convince yourself that you are not romantic. buena suerte, mi amiga

    1. Hey Marco, I am not romantic but love make me romantic...
      And you know something, I am not really convinced myself that I am not a romantic!
      Thanks Marco, for the lovely comment... :)

  8. how romantic; Have a nice Easter

    much love...

  9. I agree with Marco, love makes us romantics!!

    1. Yes, Sherry... Love can transform us into someone different...
      Thanks :)

  10. I have fallen in love :-)