Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cricket Crazy!

I can never forget the Cricket World Cup of 1999. I know that it is more than a dozen years before; another millennium altogether. But, the memories are still fresh!

I remember vividly that it was during the summer of 1999 and I had religiously watched each and every game. I remember that India made only up to Super-Six. But, my spirits were high! The epic match between India and Pakistan and, the adrenaline rush I had that day is something I still remember.

And, although India didn’t make to Semi-Finals, I decided to support Pakistan and enjoy the match. And when Australia won brilliantly, I fell in love with that team.

I would have been 12 years old, and that was also the beginning of my cricket craze.

And then, the last Cricket World Cup of 2011… The unbelievable match between India and Pakistan again… This time it was in Semi-Finals. I was so excited and fervently praying that India should make it to Finals. The final exams of Chartered Accountant exam was only a month away. Becoming a CA was my dream and passion. However, the fact that the World Cup was happening in India and India was performing awesome!

Finally, that India and Sri Lanka finals is made me feel nationalistic!

To watch the matches, I used to study my planned subjects by sacrificing my other recreation hours. I used to skip talking to friends on telephone and surf television. I even stopped to take the afternoon nap.

In fact, I even told myself that if India wins the World Cup, I would certainly pass CA exams too!

And when really won, when team India let Sachin take the tropy and when Dhoni stood aside letting the team enjoy, I was almost in tears.

Truly, a proud moment it was!

And FYI, I did clear my CA exams! :P

I have been an ardent follower of IPL from beginning. But, last three seasons has been tough. All thanks to the professional requirements. Gone are the days of watching cricket live!

And when I came across, I felt excited. Now I am able to catch up with the highlights in my convenience. Further, the sports news are available in abundance. It helps me to keep updated!

Thanks! J

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  1. I also remember that world cup in which Australia win the title of world cup against Pakistan.
    I watch that video on cricscores.