Sunday, 4 May 2014


I update my Facebook status when I…
·         Go to a new place
·         Come across some good restaurant that offers awesome food
·         Read new book or watch a movie
·         Listen to some really song
·         Read some awesome quote
·         Miss something or someone!
When the first five attract Likes, the last one often attracts comments. Some ask for the reason, some give consoling words and so on.

Last week, when I updated a similar I-miss-this-or-that status, it attracted a cousin’s comment. He asked me why I always miss something or someone. He also asked me if updating my status with such statements help me in any way at all.

And I was left thinking…

How does “-Feeling XXXX” helps anyone. What is the point in putting feeling awesome, sad, worried, excited, loved and so on helps? What is the relevance? How does the hash tag help us? What is the point in putting #iamfeelinglucky or #iamfeelinglonely?

I continued to think until my crazy mind came up with an answer. It said that may be updating Facebook status with personal feelings fulfills a human’s need for communication; the need to be heard and responded. Doesn’t it feel good when someone Likes your post? Don’t we feel awesome when someone comments on our status?

These days, we are surrounded by so many people, yet we feel lonely from within. Gone are the days of true friends and family members within the reach. Loved ones are only a ping away… A Facebook message away… A call from the smart phone away… Yet, do we find time for them? Do we have time for them?

I am not a fan of FaceBook. But, I tend to use it when I know that there is no one else to listen to me; which is often. Facebook is a good way to kill boredom. It is also a great way to stay updated about the people who were a part of our lives.

There has been many a times, when I have wished that there was some real person with whom I could share my thoughts and not post in Facebook. I wish that there was no Facebook at all and that we were really in touch with loved ones.

I wish that I was born and dead before the internet era.

Okay, the Locomente is yelling at me. It says if there was no internet, there would have been no Locomente.
#feelingbetter J


  1. I agree that life would be a bit better if people start giving personal interactions a little bit more importance than just a facebook like.. we are getting too attached to the INTERNET, but come on.. on a second thought we would be missing out on so much had it not been there.

    1. Yes Pooja...
      So true...

      Its like a love-hate relationship with internet...

      Thanks :)

  2. Internet is needed I would say, as it opens a whole new world to us. However, we shouldn't substitute our virtual life with the real world. Internet should be used for pleasure, it shouldn't dominate us :-)

    1. Well said.
      But, the reality is that it is dominating us!
      Thanks Amrit :)