Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hating City Life

ome days would be strange… Tormenting! At the end of the day, you feel punished for no reason and tired for every right reason.

Yesterday was one such day… A day I wish never dawned…
Come on, not because it is Monday. It is because something more torturous than that!

At 7:45AM, I reached KR Puram railway station with a cabin sized trolley suitcase full of books and a backpack stuffed with books. No, not fictions or non-fictions. But, academic books. My exam is in June! L To add burden, I also had a big thatha kodai, that long walking-stick kind of umbrella. I bought it in the weekend because according to me, that’s in vogue. L And sadly enough, the train stopped in platform no.2 instead of the routine platform no.1.

I was almost in tears because:
a.     The station was really crowded.
b.    The Sun was blazing mercilessly and I was sweating profusely.
c.     I was tired, thirsty and hungry coupled with sleepiness.
d.    The bags I carried were very heavy and the umbrella seemed ridiculous to handle.
With no energy to drag myself or the baggage any further, I opted to wait till the crowd recedes. And I had wait for more than half an hour L

Finally, I somehow, climbed up the stairs only to climb down again. Ah! When I saw the road, I felt relived.

But, soon I was surrounded by autowallahs. I patiently told many that I don’t need any auto. Then, I shrugged to some. I then, nodded in disagreement to some others. But, more autowallahs gathered; like the ants from the anthill.

Until, I bombarded.

I yelled at the pitch of my voice - hands hurting, shoulders hurting and sweating. Wait, I am thirsty too – I told, “I DON’T HAVE MONEY TO PAY YOU. DEFINITYLY NOT THE MONEY YOU CHARGE”. The autowallah looked too stunned to respond. To my own amazement, I was shrieking in Kannada. Am I really so fluent in Kannada?

And I hopped into the AC bus. RELIEVED.

Well, now, you may wonder why I yelled at the autowallah.

The distance between the station and my residence would be 4-6 kilometers. But, they autowallah charge between Rs.300-Rs.500. They don’t use meter. And they are no games for bargaining. That area is densely populated with the young IT crowd and they think that we have all the money!

I am disheartened that Bangalore is not a city is comfortable anymore. It is more like a spoiled rich kid.

Yesterday, I was really tired. I desperately wished to take an auto. But, I was denied that. And I felt tortured. I missed my little hometown where life is simple, people are friendly and the town is so livable.

Sometimes, having money is not enough. What really matters is getting the right thing, at the right time for the right price.

#Hatingcitylife L


  1. I also feel like this whenever I visit Delhi. Life in a small town is bliss really :)

    1. Any day... In small town, there is life...
      In big cities, it is a struggle!

      Thanks Pratibha :)