Sunday, 25 May 2014

Let Love Conquer

I let my thoughts wander. I force myself to think about Mother Nature and the changing seasons. I try to form some opinion on the politics and democracy.

I desperately try to kill the urge to talk to you. I shoo away your memories and try to remain unshaken by them. I struggle not to smile when I think about you and stop myself from falling in love with you; again and again.

I painfully ward off your images that flashes in my inner mind… Those little eyes… That crooked smile… That subtle stubble… Jet black tresses… And that stitch mark commemorating your naughty childhood days. I agonizingly dismiss your loving voice that rings in the back of my head.

I try harder and harder to forget you.

The more I try to forget you, the more I fall in love with you, I realize. My heart cries out for you and obsessively tries to reach out to you.

I sigh.

I hope that you come back soon. Let love conquer your silence and let my love for you triumph….

I am waiting….


  1. Waiting and waiting! Oh how hope waits for us..I hope it isnt in vain?

  2. This particular phase of love is indeed very difficult but when finally the lovers meet, everything is forgotten:)

    1. True...
      And the sweetness of togetherness prevails over...
      Thanks Vandana :)

  3. I wish u... I hope u will succeed soon...

  4. The wait will surely lead to a sweet result :p