Monday, 12 May 2014

Love Sick!

here is something magical about you, my love, because I feel spellbound when you are around. I feel paralyzed and speechless. Ah! There is so much to say. But, words fail me.

I wait for your smile and to the warmth it emanates. Nothing matters to me when you are around. It’s just you and me. It is just love and happiness.

Lovelorn I feel in your absence and love-stuck in your presence. Time freezes when you are away and ticks faster when you are around. However, I relentlessly register the moments with you in my head so that I can relive the moments umpteen number of times later.

Oh! Here I am waiting you to say the unsaid by locking your lips with mine. I am waiting for that day when I could meet you and let myself sink in your chest.

I am already rehearsing that moment when your sweet little eyes lock with mine, thereby, conveying so much. Then, I bury myself in your arms.

Ah! I can’t wait anymore…

I am lovesick and you are my medicine.

Heal me…

Kiss life into me, my love!