Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Some walks can never be forgotten. More so if “that” special someone is holding your hands and walking beside.

That evening, Lakshmi felt special, with Krishnan walking beside, hand in hand. A glance or a touch was enough to convey a tsunami of emotions.

“Lux, how about a second honeymoon?” Krishnan spoke first startling Lakshmi.

“WHAT?!” She exclaimed without trying to hide her surprise. After all their relationship had always free from pretense.

“Why not? Our son is married and well-settled. It’s time for us to restart and relive those good old days… Make more memories…,” he said.

She squeezed his hands and blushed as he smiled back.

They have been married for thirty five years now and words were not needed to communicate anymore.

PS: Thanks Rochelle for the prompt! J


  1. Ha! True contentment! I liked much of this but thought you gave too much away near the beginning, about the 35 yrs of marriage. I might have kept that line back for near the end somehow. Just an opinion, but really enjoyed it and found it culturally very interesting too.

    1. Thats a nice perspective Hamish...
      Makes me want to revisit and redo the story...
      Thanks a lot!

  2. Dear Satya,

    It's nice to read about enduring love.

    I don't think "explained" is the word you want after "WHAT?" Perhaps, "She cried..." Just a suggestion.

    I love it that after 35 years he can still make her blush. Sweet story.



    1. Thanks Rochelle...
      For the prompt, comment, observation and suggestion... :)

  3. Good story. It's wonderful when a couple can feel that way about each other after so many years. Well done. : ) ---Susan

  4. Very sweet story and well-presented, too. Fine job this week!

  5. A beautiful love story..............really even after so many years their love is as fresh as a dew drop.


  6. This is so dear. My parents have been married 65 years. And still love each other like the dickens. Well done

    They have been married for thirty five years now and words were not needed to communicate anymore.(tense change in this sentence - The "had" been married for ..."

    1. Observation noted...
      And glad to know that such scenario exists in real world too..
      Touch wood!

      Thanks :)

  7. Aww, really sweet. The idea of blushing after thirty years is so engaging.

  8. This is how it should be.. I can see them walking out through those gates into a blissful autumn...

  9. Lovely sentiment