Saturday, 10 May 2014

Traffic Jam

nder ideal circumstances, the distance between my home and office would approximately be 20 minutes. In case of traffic, it would take 30-45 minutes. With earphones blaring with my favorite songs, I always enjoy the ride. After all, no ride can be a tough ride if I am riding my dear Scooty!

But, that morning was different. There was an unusual traffic jam and it took more than an hour to reach my office. Thank God that the dear Sun had gone on leave; I mean it was cloudy and the climate was pleasant. Else, I just can’t imagine!

Having said that, this gave me ample time to observe the little things around me that I otherwise would not have. . I noticed that most of the cars had only one person inside. Can’t they ride the two-wheeler instead? At least, the traffic could have been avoided.

Then, in the park, I noticed a lonely guy jogging. He looked exhausted and I noticed that he was mumbling something to himself. I guess that it was something like – I can’t do this. Yet, he continued jogging. I liked his spirit.

And then, I found an old couple walking. Of course, the lady was doing all the talking and the gentleman was nodding in agreement. They looked happy and in love! Yes, you heard me right. I bet that they have been married for at least three dozen years. Yet they were very much into each other. May be this is called eternal friendship.

I observed that the mango season had almost arrived. I love mangoes. The word itself makes me drool! I made a mental note to buy some in the evening. Yummmmm J

Whenever a new song started playing, I felt over-joyed. After all, it was AGAIN my favorite song! Then, I would sheepishly smile to myself. The playlist in my smartie-phone has about 20-30 of my favorite songs. So, needless to emphasize, the songs that are played one after the other must be my favorites, right? So, silly of me :P

Wait, did it drizzle? Oh, yes it did! And I was really-really happy; more than happy actually. Elated. I am all set to welcome the monsoon. Let the sweat evaporate and give way to rain! Wah… Wah… I am getting better day by day!

And, suddenly, the song is interrupted because the phone rings. I attend it blindly. Yes! Blindly; I mean I didn’t see who was making the call. The voice starts talking right away without seeing any need to introduce to whom it belongs. It seems weird to me. I concentrate and try to find out to who it is. Within no time, I find out that it is my colleague and I feel delighted! Suddenly, I feel childish as I recall those good old days when we used to attend landline calls and guess who it was on the other end.  Ah! I am missing those days!

Suddenly I start cursing the mobile phone for transforming us into a dumb generation, slowly and carefully - like a slow poison. Really! Now we no longer try to memorize our loved ones telephone numbers. Most of us don’t know our own numbers! Then, I curse Facebook for making us forego the need to remember our family and friend’s birthdays. Sometimes, I wish that we still used our brains. Phew!

Imagine! Few days ago, I was composing an e-mail in Gmail. I had also written something like “Attaching” or “please find the attached”. I don’t remember the exact words. Then, I hit the “Send” button. Instead of the message that says your mail is sent successfully, it said, you have not attached the files! I was spellbound. I realized that Gmail is also on a mission to make us dumb. I mean, going forward, I might not take that additional care to ensure that the attachments are in place.

Eventually, I realized that my entire right hand, my left wrist, my back and my legs are aching. I was also feeling thirsty. However, I was glad that I could see my office building….

Bangalore and its traffic… I hate it, I told myself.
But, the Locomente in me smiled and said, I love it because I got a post!

LOLzzz J

PS: Special thanks to my colleague-friend for taking time, pain and effort in editing it. I bet that it looks much better. J


  1. But why do you listen to songs using earphones while riding scooty? I feel music is a distraction at times when we are driving, as we should focus on the road more :-/

    1. No, it is fun to ride with songs blaring... Else the traffic could be frustrating!