Thursday, 29 May 2014

Working Hard is Not Good Enough

From the book blurb
Hard work is the foundation for accomplishing major milestones in life, but then more often than not, only a very few become successful in their career and life endeavors. So what are the differences, which made some of them, achieve what they really wanted to? What else one does especially when the conventional path of hard work doesn’t yield results?

TGC Prasad, who has already left an indelible impact with his earlier books, has authored yet again a very interesting book, an engaging read, wherein he describes fifteen critical elements that make a real difference for those who are in pursuit of success. Based on extensive research he has culled deep insights from local and global business cases and has given the book the right management flavor.

T.G.C. Prasad is the author of bestsellers, Unusual People Do things Differently (Penguin, Portfolio) and Along the Way (Rupa Publishers). He has worked as Country Manager, Global Vice President for Misys Plc. and was on the board of Misys, India. Prior to that he worked with companies such as Wipro, Coopers and Lybrand, PWC, IBM, Mind Tree and Alcatel Lucent in various senior management roles globally and is currently on advisory boards of several companies. He manages T.G.C. Consulting a global partnership consulting firm.

What I think
To begin with, the cover page is simple and neat. The book blurb is crisp and to the point. It is also promising and optimistic. And a few pages down, you would have understood that you are in love with the book.

The narrative is simple and lucid. The lives and experiences of many successful people is described vividly. These examples are engaging and intriguing. The writing style is not preachy at all. Instead it is informative and brief.

They say that wise people learn from other’s mistakes and experiences. This book tries to make us wise by sharing successful people’s experiences. I appreciate the author for doing extensive research and making this book an experience. It is both inspiring and motivating.

Should you read it?
I can assure that this book will impact you and will make you rethink about your working style. It delivers what it promises and I say go for it!


Thank you
Thanks to ThinkWhyNot for giving away this book for review.
PS: Author signed copy is always a delight. Thanks J


  1. I usually don't read non-fictions but this sounds good..

    1. I think you will like it...
      It would be more like reading stories!

      Thanks Pratibha :)