Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dear Tree...

Tears refused to stop. The four men continued their assigned task with the help of a huge machine.

That tree was a part of my childhood memories. I was also told that my even my great grand parents have played under its shade.

I touched the bulge in my stomach and cried more. My baby would never be able to climb the tree, fall, get up and climb again. I felt as if a close family member was slaughtered in front of my eyes. I cursed myself for my helplessness.

What can I do? Cry. That’s all.

I did that until I felt week at feet.

PS: Thanks to Rochelle for the image prompt!

PPS: Save trees….


  1. It is very sad. I hope you get back optimism and time heals the wound :)

  2. Locomente, Good, though sad, story. This happens too often in today's world. Well written. : ) ---Susan

  3. How sad. Losing memories is very painful, as you showed. Hopefully she and her child will be able to build new memories and pass them down to later generations.

    Here, "I felt week", should be "weak."


  4. It should be a crime to cut down a tree. I liked the long family link to this one.

  5. True.. Big trees can actually be part of the family. In old farms in Sweden there used to be one tree that defined the prosperity of the family and the farm.. A tree one took care of otherwise the family would wither with the tree

    1. Thats really interesting to know...
      When trees are grown in house or nearby, they become a part of our life; almost like a family...
      There will be several memories associated with the tree...

      Thanks Bjorn :)

  6. Even I tell my son - learn to climb a tree before you learn to play on a PC !
    Spent half of my childhood on trees, which are so alien now a days :(