Saturday, 7 June 2014

PG Life

 got an opportunity to (rather forced to) stay in a 3 sharing room in a Paying Guest (PG) accommodation. I have never stayed in such sharing because I am someone who has high regards for privacy. Living with someone you know is something different from living with a stranger. Tastes, interests and even our routine could be drastically different from one another. Above all, space to stack your belongings would be limited and cleanliness/orderliness can never be expected.

Yet, I survived. And I am feeling jubilant.

But, the purpose of my blog post is not about how I sustained and survived in a PG. It is about what I observed there.

Every night, the girls come and talk on telephone. They tap on it and ping. Understandable. Some watch films and some listen to songs. I understand.

But, most of them just stare at their mobile facebook. They keep liking other’s status updates… comments… photos… videos and shares… They keep refreshing to get more and more feeds. And the sad part is that they sit like this for hours together! While eating also they stare at it.

Man… I am asking you, who cares about what is done and who is doing what. I even had a fight with my friend because she was so engrossed in mobile facebook that she failed to talk with me.

Guys, respect the one beside you and try to be with them. Else call your family and real friends. Please don’t get addicted to the virtual world. So much is happening in the real world and you are missing it out!

Learn to keep your mobile aside or put it in a silent mode. At least in a Block mode where in the mobile rings when the people-in-your-regular-life and those-who-really-care-for/about-you calls…

Enjoy life.
Look beyond the smart phone!


  1. Hmmm... You have come up with a solid point!
    We actually need to look beyond...

  2. Ohw!! This is a lesson for me...I've to accept, Even I'm an internet addict!!

    1. I request you to get over it!
      Thanks Valli :)