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Halfway Up The Mountain

From the book blurb
Maya hails from a village and belongs to a traditional family. Although she comes across as a simple girl, Maya fights adversities and many-a-heartbreak with conviction and an unassuming courage. The men in her life that she gets the closest to abandon her but she lives through all these trying times as an independent, free and successful human being. What strikes the most about her is the humane side and how she manages to live in a society which doesn’t appreciate the integrity of single independent women. While unravelling the story of Maya, the author subtly brings out other elements like homosexuality, sexual politics, painting, poetry and music, and all this in an Indian context. Although we like the idea of a modern India, certain insensitive practices and mind-set still seem to prevail in our society and the book deals with them all in a brilliant story-telling elegance.

Kiran Khalap is an Indian writer and author. He co-founded Chlorophyll Brand Consulting. His travel writing is publishing in Man’s World. Kiran Khalap won the Indo-UK Asian Age short story competition in the year 1995. He has also authored the book Two Pronouns and a Verb.

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Maya, a strong woman who is well-read with a different approach to life. She is emotional and at the same time a deep thinker.
Ravinder, a coward who can’t take decisions and a selfish.

What I think
To begin with, the cover page is very vibrant and brilliant. It hints that the book contains the story of a woman. The title is appropriate and you realize that as you read through the book. The book blurb is perfect. It not only gives away the plot, but also throws light on how this book is different from all others. The best part is the book offers what was promised; if not more!

The narrative is fresh and different. The protagonist, Maya, is referred to as “You”. It could be her inner-mind talking to us subconsciously. We never know. The writing is simple and lucid. It is so poetic that the beauty of words captures our hearts.

The situations in which Maya is thrown into seems so real, magnifying how women in India are treated. Sadly it holds well in today’s time as well although the story takes place in early 1960’s and 70’s.

Maya’s character is well-chalked out. We are walked through her life since childhood. As a result, we understand her; empathize with her. We, as readers, grow and evolve with her.

I appreciate the author for touching almost all the poignant points that is concerned with the manner in which women are treated in India. It wonderfully paints the picture of how men exploit women and try to use women for their own convenience and good.

In short, the book is thought provoking and wonderfully crafted.
It is brilliant!

Sometimes, it becomes tough to follow the narrative where the protagonist is referred to as “You”.

Should you read it?
The writing style is different so is the approach.
This book is an experience.
Do not miss it!


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