Sunday, 20 July 2014

If only you were here...

It was cloudy though the sky still had the traces of orange sun. It seemed like a split air conditioner was fit into Mother Nature. It was unduly cold.

She stood there waiting for that blob to drop from heavens. She heard a slight thunder which almost came as a whisper. The clouds are secretly embracing each other. May be that’s whys such a subtle thunder, she thought. He fingers distractedly started playing with her long tresses.

She was still waiting to witness that kiss between the sky and land when she gradually drifted into a reverie.

If only you were here, she thought. She drew her hands closer to her with the hope of dwindling the cold. She wished that he was near her, holding her and talking to her. She always considered solitude as a gift; a bliss. She has never complained of being alone. Her mind would always entertain her with some crazy thought. Else the fictional characters in a movie or book would hold her hands for some time.

But that evening seemed unusual. If only you were here, she sighed. Her long curly tresses swayed as if shying away from the gentle caresses of the icy breeze. Her eyes refused to blink and her heart started racing. If only you were here, she heard her inner-self plead.

He was her love, her life. He came and friendship bloomed. They talked and love sparkled. They fell in love and life turned into a sweet magic.

Her heart pleaded her to take the smart phone and swipe to call him. But her brain alerted that he would be in office. Yes! It was a weekday and she had taken an off owing to her fever.

His thoughts dominated her. The urge to at least hear him multiplied. Even the velvety sky failed to charm her anymore.

She heard the phone ringing inside. She disinterestedly walked towards it for she knew it would not be him. Should be from office, she thought while unhurriedly walking towards it.

Then a smile creaked in her face. It was him!

A glister propped into her two weary eyes.

“Oh! Guess what! I was just thinking... If only you were here... and look who is calling!” she confessed.

He asked, “Is this the first time?”

She knew it was not. It happened all the time. Whenever she has had a strong urge to talk to him or be with him, he had startled her by calling or messaging her right away!

“Temme, had medicines?” he asked with concern.
Oh yes sire! It’s just that...” she said in a tired voice
“What happened?” he asked. His voice unable to conceal the panic.
“Hmmm... It’s just that... I love you and miss you tons” she said playfully yet truly.
“You are a crazy woman. Drama Queen. You scared me. Have some work. Call you soon” he said
Her energy level seemed to have pumped up to an unknown level when she said, “Love you”
She knew he smiled while he said, “You too”

Whenever he was in office or if others were around, he would say only “you too” and not “love you too”

With his myriad memories and a heap of joy, she walked back to the balcony and continued to enjoy the reverie!