Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My 1000th Post

Yay… Yay… Yay!!!!

Here I am tapping on my keyboard to create my 1000th post… I am thrilled and at the same time, in loss of words!

Please... I don’t want writer’s block now L

I was religiously keeping track of the number of posts so that I could write a special 1000th post. I was also excited when I realized that the 1000th post will fall on 1st of July – On the Chartered Accountant’s Day. Well, as you might already know, I am a Chartered Accountant. So, here I feel like, today, the CA and Locomente in me come together.

Looking back, I am unable to believe that I have written so much. I am thankful to all the movies I watched… books I read… people I met… places I visited… the dreams I saw and the fantasies which keeps me going.

And, I want to share a secret with you all…


Yes… you heard me right. Locomente is an outcome of what ifs and why nots. If writers can write ONLY out of personal experience, then Agatha Christie must have killed thousands of people or solved thousands of murder mysteries… Nicholas Sparks must have lost his love more than once… Sydney Sheldon should be a woman… JK Rowling must be a witch… And on and on!!! So, please all you wonderful people, this dear blog is not me J

And, I thank everything and everyone who provided food for thought to this Locomente. I thank all fellow bloggers who not only read my blog but also posted wonderful comments. Then, I also thank all the blogs that give away nice prompts… and the forums that give away books for review… It is all of you who motivated me to keep writing…

Well, so let me celebrate…
Wanna join me?

PS: Happy Charatred Accounant’s Day to all the fellow and aspiring Chartered Accountants. And oops! We are already in the 7th month. Can somebody ask the time to take rest for some time? :P


  1. Congrats!! :D
    Keep writing,dear <3

  2. Congratulations dear and also Happy Chartered Accountant's Day :)
    Keep Writing....