Friday, 11 July 2014

My Eternal Sunshine

“The beauty of first love is it remains forever. It will dissolve in you and become an integral part of you…”

Aditya heard Shraddha answering to audience’s questions as a part of her book launch. He was late to reach the venue. He cursed the Mumbai traffic under his breath.

“How do you define first love?” asked a teenage girl.

Shraddha smiled as if some unforgotten memories unfolded in the back of the mind.

“A love that transforms you… which would make you do so many things that is so unlike you… when someone’s memories never leave you… when that person’s memories brings tears to your eyes… when some of that person’s habits become yours…”

Aditya smiled. He was very proud of her. He always knew that someday she would be a renowned writer.

“Ma’m, tell us about your first love”, asked a boy.

A smile broke in her face.

“Ah! My first love? It is like the sunshine… It dawned in my teenage heart, sizzled and slowly set. But, he will always remain… In my heart; as a part of me”, Shraddha said and she looked at Aditya; as if she knew where he was standing there. “And the love will always connect us together”, she concluded and smiled.

The MC announced that the book launch time has come. Shraddha uncovered the book.

The title read, “My Eternal Sunshine” and the cover page had the silhouette of a tall boy and a slim girl under the same umbrella.

Aditya let himself get lost in the crowd when Shraddha was busy giving autographs.

“Thanks for coming Aditya. Love you J”, the WhatsApp message from Shraddha read. He sent a smiley in reply as he walked towards his Thunderbird holding a copy of Shraddha’s book.

The first sentence brought a smile in his face. How can he forget? He had read them so many times. Shraddha had sent those chapters during their college days. Those letters were still safely preserved in his house.

Their worlds fell apart almost a decade ago. But, something still connected them. They could still hear the unsaid and understand the silence.

Aditya knew that he cannot sleep without completing the book!


  1. smiles...pretty cool to read your own love story....and though for what ever reason it did not work...or wont work...they will always share that first love...smiles.

    1. Thanks Brian... love never changes... only relationship does...

      Thanks Brian :)

  2. Some love stories are beyond any social boundaries or realm, for the two souls are connected to each other forever and it doesn't matter if they are together or not their hearts are bound forever....................

    1. Rightly said...
      Some relationships are beyond definitions...

      Thanks Vandana :)

  3. and sometimes, love is just not enough.