Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Greatest Works of Kahlil Gibran

From the book blurb

Book 1 :          The Prophet
Book 2 :          The Wander
Book 3 :          Sand and Foam
Book 4 :          The Madman
Book 5 :          The Forerunner
Book 6 :          The Earth Gods
Book 7 :          Nymphs of the Valley
Book 8 :          Tears and Laughter
Book 9 :          Between Night & Morn
Book 10 :      Secrets of the Heart
Book 11 :      Spirits Rebellious
Book 12 :      The Broken Wings

What I think
The book is a compilation of the greatest works of Kahlil Gibran. There are twelve stories in the omnibus and each one is unique and different. The cover page is simple. The book blurb has nothing but the names of twelve stories.

The font used in the book is big and very good. I appreciate the publishers who use such eyes-friendly fonts. It becomes imperative when the book is as huge as this one! I also liked the fact that the books is reasonably priced at Rs.299/- making it very buyable.

Well, having said all this, I am not going to review the book. Kahlil Gibran is one of the most acclaimed and celebrated writers.

The quotes are awe-inspiring and thought provoking. Each story renders a flavor of its own and stands our distinctively. Reading the works of such writers also makes us feel the magic of words and its majestic power.

Another beauty of Kahlil Gibran’s works is that you can read and reread; each time it forces you to think differently.

Yet another distinguishing factor is his writing style itself. It is poetic in nature; making it sound like a sweet song!

Out of the twelve stories, The Prophet, which is also the first story in the Omnibus, is my favorite. It is philosophical and beautiful.

The book is really huge. Therefore, it is tough to carry. I wish it was, instead, released as two volumes.

Should you read it?
An omnibus of one of the greatest writers…
What else can be the reason!


Thank you
I heartily thank Jaico Puiblishing House for giving away the book for review. I also them for taking efforts to print the works of such renowned authors and make the same accessible to young readers!


  1. interesting...i have only read the prophet...i need to check some of the others out...though maybe not in an omnibus...ha...

    1. Yeah.. I hope that you enjoy them as well!