Sunday, 6 July 2014

Why am I like this

 have always wondered why I am like this…
Why do I prefer romantic tales to mysteries and thrillers? Why do I feel ecstatic when people fall in love and marry to each other for a happily-ever-after? Why do the readers of my blog tell me that I am at my best when I write about love?

How did I become a romantic-writer?

Why do I still believe that a Prince-charming is still getting ready and will be on his way soon to make me his Princess; his angel?

Why do I refuse to accept that love ends and rest is life?


Is Shahrukh Khan primarily responsible? Movies the secondary reason? Or is Karan Johan solely responsible? Or is it just him - karthik?

Or do I prefer to dream and be happy than to face the harsh reality and bitter truth which would make me depressed and desperate?

I really don’t know…

But, when Raj travelled all the way from London to India only to reach out to Simran, his lady love, I was awed. I wished that my “Raj” comes into my life soon and understands my love through my silence because Raj and Simran never really express their love; they simply understand! And, when he took the trouble of convincing her parents that he is good and worthy enough, I longed for someone like him. (Refer Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge)

When, Rahul and Anjali realizes that there is something more than friendship while dancing to the tune of breeze in the rain, I also dreamt of that day when I would dance with my “Rahul”. I secretly wished that we would also get drenched in the rain. (Refer Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

While Pooja is searching for her lost bangle, Rahul says that he has already found it. He asks her to come closer and get it. He makes her come so close to him that they are just a heartbeat away. I longed for my “Rahul” whose heart would beat for me. (Refer Dil To Pagal Hai)

When Rahul and Anjali peck on each other’s cheeks secretly, I wondered if my husband would be as sweet and romantic like Rahul. I wondered if he would also tease me and fight with me yet love me like a crazy; just like Rahul. (Refer Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham)

When Karthik waited for Shakthi in the station… When sweetly yet indirectly proposed to Shakthi… When Karthik lovingly invited her to a function at his home and announced to everyone that he wants to marry her… When he searched for her like a crazy… I just prayed that I get my Karthik soon…. I wished that he looked just like him… Little eyes, jet black hair and killer smile. I wished that he was tall and handsome! (Refer Alaipayuthe)

In spite being a meeting arranged by their respective parents to execute a marriage, Raghu and Meera fall in love instantly. Then, they become friends and slowly true love blooms. And I really-really wished that at least I get to see my “Raghu” sooner. (Refer Kalyana Samayal Saadham)

I can still go on and on…

I suddenly realize that movies have indeed influenced me extensively. I am shocked that there are several other movies in general and scenes in particular that are flashing in my mind, reminding me that I-what-I-am because of their influence.

I also observe that I enjoy happy endings. I know that the concept of happy-endings is subjective. So, let me clarify.

The love story and chemistry between Jessy and Karthik is out of the world. But, I have never been enthralled by it because they broke up! (Refer Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya/Ekk Diwana Tha). I enjoyed the sizzling love between Manohar and Divya. But, my heart didn’t crave for Manohar, but for Chandrakumar. Because, although Divya and Manohar are in love, Manohar dies. Divya, eventually, gets married to Chandrakumar against her own wishes. However, Chandrakumar, being good-natured, the fall in love with each other eventually. (Refer Mouna Ragam)

I enjoyed the way in which Kathir’s life transforms when he falls in love with Anitha. But, I never wished that someone loves me like Kathir. More because of the tragic end to their love story. (Refer 7G Rainbow Colony) Similar is the case with the eternal love between Devdas and Parvathi. There is the innocent first love. But, it only ruined each other’s lives. So, I really don’t want to be a Parvathi or have a Devdas. (Refer Devdas)

To sum up, happy-ending for me is when two people meet… fall in love… become friends… be committed enough to take the next step… bravely present their love to their respective parents, if they disapprove, patiently make them understand that they will be happy with/keep each other happy… Then, marry… Thereby, make a love story of happily-ever-after!!!

Am I sounding clichéd? I don’t mind! I like it that way…

So, what do you like?


  1. U fantasize a lot girl, really a lot....

  2. I am a big big SRK fan ... have loved most of his movies :D Yes I love romantic movies too, not much of an action fan :-)

    1. And love your new blog header :-) It's so natural, and so you :-)

    2. SRK... Any day! Cheers...!
      That header came up suddenly in my head! :)
      Thanks a lot Amrit...