Sunday, 24 August 2014

Blog Pressure

  esterday while talking with my colleague, I told, “I am under acute blog pressure”. She laughed and asked who is asking you to blog so much?

I didn’t think at all. “Like work pressure. Why do you work so much then?”

The same night, I expressed the same to my cousin. His response was similar.

“I read book relentlessly so that I can post reviews about them. I watch movies regularly so that I can give my rating. I observe and constantly look for clues and ideas. I think to come up with something; many a times to deliver sweet nothings”, I explained to him.

Work pressure makes you perform, stops you from procrastination, helps you climb up the hierarchal and financial ladder and keeps you professionally happy. I agree that you don’t feel any of these while going through the work pressure though.

On the other hand, blog pressure keeps me intellectually happy and sane.

It gives a feeling that I am doing something worthy enough. It adds purpose for my life and tada! I have a hobby J

Happy blogging!


  1. As long as you feel happy, everything is fine. I am not going to tell you what you should do. Here is what happened to me and what I did about it.

    I also felt acute blog pressure. We go on vacation all over the world. What happened was I stopped enjoying my vacation. Whenever we go for sight seeing, my mind was always thinking “Will this object look good in the blog. Will this scenery’s description be attractive”. When the guide was explaining I was taking copious notes. The whole vacation was like a research project and my post on my vacation was my final dissertation.

    Coming back from vacation, my wife and kids will be talking about interesting things that happened and I was completely out of that conversation. Therefore, one day, I decided to take a brake for one year. Vacations were enjoyable again.

    1. I totally agree and relate to what you said. Thankfully I travel alone. So I have not faced such a difficult situation. Instead blogging gave me a reason to explore new places alone. It became my friend and accompanied in my journeys.

      But I will surely keep your point in mind.


  2. I wonder if constant pressure can be placed within brackets with happiness. Or if constant pressure to achieve will bring forth happiness
    The story you mentioned about constant pressure to achieve in one's profession, the long hours at work etc , etc and then the eventual shooting up the hierarchy, the financial bonanza- at what cost?

    Don't you think that be it work, going up the career , and even blogging should perhaps be through enjoyment , where pressure and the desperation to "achieve" must be without?

    1. I agree. But the outcome of a hectic day will make you happier... more so if you are passionate about what you do and only if you were not forced into it...

      Thanks for the perspective Anil :)

  3. I have 4-5 pages of topics, waiting to be written in the blog. I write down ideas whenever they come! But still I might (most probably) choose a new topic for writing on the blog. So I think I write whatever I want to and whenever I want to. At least I used to do that, but now I am trying have a weekly posting schedule and reduce the number of posts! So I get this blog pressure, it might actually be addiction :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. You may not believe... I have as much as 40-60 posts to be posted and I keep writing something or the other on a daily basis... Could be addiction, but that word sounds scary!

      Thanks :)