Thursday, 28 August 2014

Choose Wisely

Gentle strokes of wisdom caresses me
As I embrace solitude
And as I brace myself.

World is not so bad, I realize
It was my thoughts that was bad
I realize and I feel blessed

Yes, life is ruled by destiny.
But, it is not an autocrat.
Your thoughts can decide how you want to feel.

You can choose to interpret
It can be painful loneliness or blissful solitude
It can be the feel of being in love or the fear of losing love

It can also be the fear of failure or the desire to succeed
It can be making peace with past or fill the heart with regrets and guilt
It can be just day-dreaming or making the dreams come true

You can be anything, if you choose to
You can enjoy life within the boundaries of destiny
You can celebrate your life, yourself and everything around

And guess what?
Everyone around you would be happy
Who knows, a true love might refuse you!

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
-          Abraham Lincoln


  1. Beautiful. Yes, life is ruled by destiny.

  2. there is some nice wisdom in have to choose wisely...and much of our life is determined by those choices...i am all for celebrating life every chance i get as well...

    1. Very much...
      Our life is determined by our choices...

      Thanks Brian :)

  3. A very well written poem about perspectives - "It can be painful loneliness or blissful solitude". Well said :-)

  4. We have the power....and we alone have it actually.
    This was beautiful

  5. Some very thoughful words there. It all depends on our state of mind.
    loved the last line the most. Wonderful write. :)

    1. Thanks Raklakshmi... For dropping by and leaving comments :)