Saturday, 2 August 2014

From Crazy to Happy

We human beings are crazy human beings. We never want what we have and always pine for what we don’t. Then, when we lose something that we never wanted and yet we had, we complain. We whine and mourn for what we lost. We even look back and think about how we could have managed with that something we never really wanted and yet we had.

I know that the above paragraph is very confusing. I agree that I could break the sentences and present it in a simplified manner. But I don’t want to. Do we ever try to break our problems and solve it step-by-step?

Do we ever try to enjoy the company of someone who gives us little joys without breaking their hearts for what they denied us? Do we stop ourselves from accusing them?


Then why should I simplify this write-up?

We human have this tendency to complain and be unhappy until we face something worst. Hence, I call us the confused and crazy beings.

We all think that we know everything. But come on, face the reality. We just don’t know anything. All we know is to whine... complain and break other’s heart?

When do we become grown up enough to see everything in a micro-level and stop from seeing through a magnifying glass that exaggerates the smallest of smallest details?

Why can’t we be a happy human being and not a crazy one?
A lunatic rather!

Think.... Think...

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