Friday, 1 August 2014

I Respect you, sir!

Aha! Here dawns August… The eighth month – Eight is my favorite number!

Then, August brings so many festivals with it… Mahalakshmi Pooja, Ganesh Chathurthi, Janmaashtami, Rakshabhandhan and Aavani-avittam to name a few. But, for me the most special date is 15th August – The Independence Day!

This August is more special because I am travelling going to cross the seven seas to go to the superpower – United States of America!

Ok, the general updates are over!

Now, I want to write about something, rather someone in specific.

By now, most of you would be knowing that I live in Bangalore and that I have a Scooty. I ride my dear Scooty to my office every day. And every day, at one of the junctions which has no signals, a Traffic Police will be standing.

One look at him and you would realize that his moustache is done in Singham style – Handlebar kind of moustache. Further, he has a well-maintained body – similar to those dutiful Police officers shown in movies.

For convenience, let’s call him Singham sir. Ok, I address him that way in my mind. AGREED!

What is so special about Singham sir, you might ask me or wonder.

Never worry, Locomente will tell you…

Singham sir is the healthiest Police officer I have ever seen. And the friendliest as well. The traffic there can be really crazy. But, I have never seen him sigh or frown. He smiles and always keeps his cool.

He knows most of the routine travelers and nods in acknowledgment. Sometimes he pats their back. Elderly people always place their hands on his head and bless him.

I also smile every day at him. It has been a routine for over six months now. But, Singham sir never smiles back. No, not because he is gender-biased. Because I am one among the many girls who travel like terrorist – covering face with a stole and wearing gigantic shades. In short, he can’t see my face. Yet, I smile every day.

His calm demeanor and friendly attitude is so contagious that I feel really good. I feel as if I am beginning the day with a very-very-very positive note!

If all the policemen are half good as him, then the world would be a better place to live… Public would be ready to approach them!

I respect you sir! J


  1. Majority of the police officers r good. A selected few rotten apples spoil the whole bunch.
    Singham sir ki Jai! :P

  2. what a cool tribute to him...and there are good cops...i was one for a brief time many years ago...and it def showed me a perspective on society...i am glad for those that are good....

    1. Thats really nice to know...
      Thanks Brian :)