Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Eternal Romance

You are my first love…
The first man I craved for…
I was jealousy of Radha
And I loved you so much, O dear Krishna!
I always wished I was at least a Gopi if not Radha
Then went into extended reveries…

I always had your huge poster pasted to the wall.
Later on, I started painting myself.

You motivate me
And I am ready to paint if it is you…

It makes me feel closer to you
As if I am right there with you!

Dear readers,
Here is one of the many paintings of Radha and Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! J


  1. Beautiful painting. You are a great painter.

  2. this is your painting?
    that is very cool. you are quite the artist

    1. Yes Brian...
      This is my painting... :)
      Thanks :)

  3. Pretty one! And Lord Krishna is an inspiration for all.

  4. Awesome you are amazing painter. Loved the colors and details
    And Krishna with a mustache? First time I am seeing :D Good!

    1. Krishna doesn't have a mustache. Being so small, you just feel so!

      Thanks Insignia...

  5. Yes indeed the quintessential of love , amour , romance - Radha & Krishna - then the eternally craving mysterious damsel.
    Nice painting but perhaps not ofbeat!