Thursday, 25 September 2014

Book - A Bliss

What it is with books, I have wondered once. Yes. Only once!
Since then, I started reading one.

Books transports us to a different planet -  A planet where the characters live... talk... laugh... cry... die... kill... fume... love... and what not!

Many a times, we identify ourselves with them; for what they are and most of the times, what we are not yet what we always wanted to be. They connect with us.

Books make us forget our environment, life, situations, circumstances, thoughts, emotions... It makes us forget ourselves!

Book is blissful for all those who can’t handle solitude well... who feel estranged in a crowd... to avoid conversations... Importantly, to travel and see places by sitting in the comfort zone!

As we read more and more, we stop thinking more and more... Worries will vanish...

There is something indeed with the books.