Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Would you agree with me if I say that expectations is a pest that can kill peace, happiness and almost everything? If I say that expectations can even shatter the cherished things?

Or would you say that you already know that?

Wait, can I say that expectations is the mother of dreams. If there are no expectations, why do we weave dreams?

In short, expectations could be a weed that can suck the happiness out of us. But, it also inculcates desires and dreams within us.

Am I confusing you a lot?

Well, all I wanted to tell you is that expectations is not bad, You are free to expect and build dreams around it. But, what is also important is not get shattered when the expectations are not met. Further, always be ready to face the unexpected!

Why am I saying all this now?

Read the below mentioned quote. That is responsible! J

“Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
  ― Margaret Mitchell


  1. Nice one. President John F. Kennedy said "life is unfair".

    1. Sometimes yes... But SG, isnt life also about how we perceive?
      We can either complain or accept!

      Thanjs :)

  2. hat you said is correct,but sometimes expectations are sweeter than actual experience.

    1. Most of the times.. Yes...
      But, the disappointments when the expectations are not met is bitter...

      Thanks :)

  3. Dream for the best but expect the worst. It always helps me.

  4. As humans we will have expectations. But as you so rightly said, we shouldn't get disheartened when they are not met :-)