Sunday, 21 September 2014

Fort Worth Stock Yards

The Stock Yard at Fort Worth (Texas, United States of America) is famous and crowded. That place transports us to another world; another era.

Cowgirls and cowboys… Guns and caps… Leathers and candies… Rodeo Shows and Harley Davidsons!

And, there I went on a sunny afternoon… And, it was a different experience I say…
Sharing a few interesting pictures for you… It was tough to shortlist these from about 200 snaps: O

The Entrance to the Stockyard

Did you know?

 Stocks in the Yard :P

Yay! He posed for me...!!! :D

Look at the Bottles... They look so cute :*

This is the engine of the train that takes us across the yard...

Its Taking the much needed rest. Phew!

The Walk of Fame...

Rodeo shows are famous... And it happens right here!

The Man!

The Boots...

It was a sunny afternoon when Sun blazed mercilessly... 

This fan that was sprinkling cold breeze - A blessing in disguise!

Brick Buildings... Very Interesting!

Like a Fort?!

Thanks sir, for the pose!

Cowboy Hats, Guns and some Leather merchandise...

Cow and the Cowboys...

Harley... MY LOVE!

And a cutie car that stole my heart

Some Interesting Words...

Straight from the Stores...

I feel sad for them...

Did I see tears?

Yummy Candies... 

Oh so colorful!


  1. Awesome clarity and variety..........

  2. The wild wild west of Texas is a treat to the eyes and an experience. Nice pictures

  3. Reminds me of movies based on Texas :-)

    1. It looked like one movie set only!
      Thanks Amrit :)