Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Sonam Kapoor. Fawad Khan, Kirron Kher, Ratna Pathak
Shashanka Ghosh
Sneha Khanwalker, Badshah, Amaal Mallik
Rhea Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Siddharth Roy Kapoor
Release Date
19th September 2014
2 hours and 7 minutes

My Thoughts
I am still smiling wide.
I am happy.
I feel colorful and hopeful.
I feel younger and awesome!!!!

This is how I feel.
Just sometime before I watched Khoobsurat. And, it made me unbelievably happy and pepped up my mood!

Let’s forget the story because it is the same old one – Introvert man whose marriage is just a few months away meets vibrant and spontaneous girl… Finally love blooms…This time in the backdrop of a royal family, man’s father who needs physiotherapy and the girl being the physiotherapist herself. Of course, there is girl’s mum to justify why the girl is the way she is and then a tiny flashback to explain why the royal family is gloomy!

Having said that, the screenplay is not trivial. The dialogs are quick-witted and quirky. Songs fits perfectly. Spoiler Alert: I loved the way “Maa Ki Phone Aaya” song being used as Sonam’s ringtone. It looked so original yet, so like you and me! :P

Sonam Kapoor as Dr Mrinalini Chakravarthy aka Milli is brilliant. She looks drop-dead gorgeous, her clothes are vibrant beyond words and she comes across as a bubble bombarding with loads and loads of energy. She carries off the film charmingly and proves (yet again) that she is a fashionista indeed!

Fawad Khan as subdued Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore is handsome. He gives the most appropriate and well-chosen expressions of discomfort, amazement and utter-shock in a nice manner. In short, he is promising.

I generally like Ratna Pathak and she fits into the character perfectly. But, the show-stealer is Kirron Kher. OMG! Her comic timing and the nicely penned dialogs makes her an unforgettable drama queen mother ever! I agree that we have seen her like that many times. Remember Dostana to cite one? But, I can never have enough of her!!!

I think I can go on and on. Because I know that I can watch it right away again, yet laugh and enjoy.

One second. I have a closing remark. I LOVED ALL THE DRESSES AND COLORS THAT SONAM WEARS. Her wardrobe can give a tough competition to the rainbow itself. And yay! Like her clothes the movie is rich with colors too. So, as I said in the beginning, you will feel happy and pepped up!

Don’t miss it.
Let yourself drench in the khoobsurat colors!




  1. I might just watch it for Sonam's clothes and Fawad Khan :)

    1. I watched it for the two reasons that you have mentioned :P

  2. I'll watch it for Fawad's impeccable royal outfits and his charm!!