Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nothing is Enough...

“Ok, you tell me what can I do to prove my love for you”, asked an exasperated Sid.

Sid was tall, fair and handsome with a sweet boyish face. He was an engineer working with one of the best IT companies. His life was perfect until he met Varsha.

Varsha’s luscious hair, big eyes, cuteness and her oh-everything made Sid fall in love with her; but only after a year of friendship. They were colleagues but he knew that something would blossom between them.

But, Varsha was very practical. She also had a soft corner for him. But, she never let that develop into a serious relationship. She was not ready for a heartbreak. She was also not ready for any commitment. At 22years, she wanted to live her life in her terms. She enjoyed the freedom that big city offered and the money she made helped to meet her shopaholic urges.

“Come on Sid, we have discussed this two thousand times. I don’t love You are my friend”, she told him.

“But Varsha, ask something. Challenge my love and I will prove my worth. Ask anything. I can get you anything”, repeated Sid. He looked determined.

It was a Thursday morning and Varsha was in a foul mood. Her friend’s engagement was fixed on a short-notice, that Saturday and she didn’t have a ticket to travel to back to her hometown. She tried tatkal, but the site was not even opening.

On other days, she would tease back Sid and continue with her work. But, that morning she was feeling frustrated.

“Really? In that case, why don’t you get a tatkal ticket for tomorrow to my hometown? Prove youir love, Sid”, Varsha said with bitter sarcasm, unable to hide the anger.

An excited Sid jumped into action. After an hour’s patience, the site opened and finally, when he could plan the travel, he found that there were no more tickets left.

He felt really bad. It was noon already and he walked towards Varsha’s cubicle. Her eyebrows were screwed and he knew she was in a foul mood. He continued to stand there until she barked, “WHAT?”

“I am sorry Varsha. Love is not enough… Not even patience to get a tatkal ticket… I mean…,”Sid miserably tried to explain.

And then she laughed. He joined her too. It was contagious. They laughed until tears flowed from their eyes and stomach started to hurt.


  1. So, if I get a train ticket that will prove my love? What will happen if I charter a helicopter for her to land in her village/town?

    1. No SG... It was a sarcastic take on what lovelorn say - "I can do anything for you"
      Sometimes, you just cant do that!

      And to answer you...
      Sometimes, doing what is requested is tougher than what we are actually capable of doing.

      Thanks for a different perspective!

  2. This was really lolzz.unexpected ending..short and sweet..!!