Friday, 24 October 2014

Aiswarya Kolam

This is a very auspicious kolam
Generally, this is drawn in the place of worships than in the courtyard.
It is always said that we should not step on kolam.
But, if we step onto it accidentally, we are often pardoned.
However, such accidental stepping is also not appreciated if it is this particular kolam.
This is called AISWARYA KOLAM.

It is believed that this kolam brings wealth and prosperity.

As a practive, it is drawn on Fridays – The day devoted to Goddess Maha Lakshmi J


  1. Beautiful ... will try not to step on it ... although I feel like stepping right into the middle and just stand there ... Love, cat.

  2. Thanks for the nice description and the kolam.

  3. I remember my mum drawing this kola every Fridays when she would perform Lakshmi poona. She insisted I learn; alas! I didnt.
    Nice kolam

    1. Oh! Thanks for sharing your memories. .. :)

  4. beautiful !! :)
    I so want to make kolam