Friday, 3 October 2014

Bomma Kolu 2014

Plate Rangoli

Bomma Kolu is the season for get-togethers and togetherness.
It is also a season to celebrate creativity and do something different yet unique.

Bomma Kolu

Music Fiesta

Kutty Theru

(Replica of a Chariot)

Aadhi Andha Swamy

Half Ganesha and half Hanuman

Band Set...

This time, I was marveled when I witnessed the famous Thrissur Pooram replica in one of my relative’s I place. They always take extra effort to make it inimitable.

And I thought that you should see it too…

Thus, Navrathri aka Bomma Kolu today.
I hope that you had a great time…
And added many-many memories to your lifeline J
I did!!! (Winks)


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful kolu photos.

  2. Ahh!! Awesome dear! :) I really love your rangolis a lot :) Happy visiting your blog after many days!
    I've sent you a request on facebook under name Sparkly Dazzle :) Please check it!

  3. is this Kolu or Golu..I saw these decoration in 'ye hain Mohabbatein' serial on star plus! there it was Golu..but the decoration is awesome :D

    1. It can be called both Kolu and Golu. Generally, Tamilians settled in Kerala call Kolu and Tamilians in general call Golu.
      Thanks Ankita :)