Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mad Money Journey

From the book blurb
A  Financial Adventure.

Mehrabs latest book is a sweeping tale of mystery and adventure, with deep revelations on the nature of man and money.

Tired of his energy-and money-draining middle-class life, Dr. John Pinto decides to end it all by walking into oncoming traffic. But Life has other plans from him! Through a quirky twist of fate, John finds himself saved and launched into a financial pilgrimage across the world. Through a whirligig of exotic, shocking and sometimes dangerous encounters, he learns what it means to be financially independent.

The school of Life introduces him to people who have learned the 10 commandments of financial freedom the hard way. From Afghani terrorists to Kenyan marathon runners, from Bangkok prostitutes to Chinese mystics and many more. Each soul on this incredible journey holds a key insight into the relationship between man and money. To achieve true freedom, he will have to face it all-a turbulent odyssey of hair-raising adventure, unexpected teachers, monetary rewards and an overarching mission.

A dazzling novel, written with wit, compassion, intelligence and deep humanity, travel with John Pinto to unearth the secrets of a rich life.

Mehrab Irani is General Manager, Investments, at Tata Investment Corporation, Mumbai. He has diverse experience in both equity and fixed income markets, including research, dealing and portfolio management. Mehrab is fired by an almost missionary zeal for spreading financial knowledge among investors. His ability to connect abstract concepts to real life situations using his powerful imagination and plethora of skills reverberates through all his work. He is a prolific writer for newspapers, websites and his blog - www.intelligentmoney.blogspot.com. He is also to be seen on CNBC, ET Now, NDTV Profit and Bloomerg.

Dr. John Pinto
An accomplished doctor. But a failure in money management.

A school drop-out. But, a successful business man who knows to multiply his money.

What I think
The cover page is very simple. It pictorially represents the countries that John visits. The book is elaborate and describes what can be expected from the book. The title is perfect.

The narrative is an easy flow. Several financial and investment jargons are used. But, they are also explained through examples. Therefore, they become interesting and sinks within.

The book teaches you the importance of savings, budgeting and almost everything related to money. What I appreciate is that it is taught through stories, fable-like. This makes the reading an interesting one.

Further, the author has taken the pain to also explain the country-specific cuisines and other specialties. At the end of it, we would feel like we were a part of John’s travel. Who doesn’t like couch travel?

In short, a well-researched and well-narrated book.
Further, it’s a tiny book and doesn’t bore you.

Although the letters at the end of each chapter summarizes the lessons learnt, it also becomes redundant. In fact, those one to two page long summary is so elaborate that it tempts you to skip the chapters and read only that. Such a treatment further makes you wonder if you are reading a non-fiction. This could be avoided.

Should you read it?
This book makes you a couch traveler.
At the same time, it enlightens you financially.
A different one!


Thank you
I heartily thank Jaico Puiblishing House for giving away the book for review

PS: Needless to say, author signed copy is a delight. And, I am smiling ear to ear J


  1. Your short ,pithy review seems to be more than a persuasion , to buy this book and read.

  2. Thanks for your honest review.

  3. I am not much into finance ... so not sure :-/

    1. But, as I said, this book is for non-finance persons like you too...anyways, thanks Amrit :)