Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Splendid September 2014

The month bygone had so many colors in store than any other month ever.
Be it the obsessive shopping in US of A (I am almost bankrupt now)… Taking part in the #CelebrateBlogging contest hosted by BlogAdda… Watching movies or reading books… Meeting Dr Kiran Bedi in person and listening to her inspiring speech… Or making a life-changing decision (at least it feels so now).

Also, this month made me feel more patriotic than ever.
Be it our successful venture into Mars… The landmark judgment passed by the court in former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s corruption case… Or our Prime Minister’s speech in Madison Square.

I became nostalgic too
When Orkut took its last breath, I was transported to an era of Internet cafes, internet surfing limited to time and pocket money in hand.

I also thought about the four testimonials I had ever received - From a cousin sister who gave me the first, one from a cousin brother, another from a school friend and one from a childhood friend (I know. His testimonial was as a result of my threats!).

You know, my profile picture was that of a Barbie dressed like an Indian bride in red. I was so scared to disclose my identity and more scared to upload my pictures.

I can never forget that afternoon when I found out that an old classmate-friend had reached me out through Orkut. I was overwhelmed. We started chatting after almost 15years!!!

I also joined several communities and created one called “I hate Lavender” to harass my bestie who was crazy about that color.

Orkut is a part of my teenage. It is a part of my innocence and the days of growing up. All these wifi  and Smart phones can never match the joy of waiting for second Saturday every month  (so that school/college was off) and again wait till afternoon (so that the scheduled morning study regime remains unaffected) to rush to the internet café. There I would be greeted by a then-friend owner who always ensures that I get my favorite cabin. For the next one hour, my watch would play the role of a stopwatch. That one hour was my training ground which re-iterated that time is indeed money!

Now, I can’t suppress the laughter when I think about how silly those fights were with the then-friend café owner to reduce Rs.5 because I didn’t use for the entire 15 minutes, but for a mere two extra minutes!

With Orkut, I am going to miss those days of growing up too. Change is inevitable, they say. Today almost everything is just a click away. But, do we really need that? I doubt that? I still think that we crave for people and their physical presence. Come on guys, that’s the only present you can give to your loved ones.

I don’t know how many breaths I would take, but I do know that I don’t want to die with regret that I didn’t devote enough time for that someone. Or that I didn’t give it a chance; that I didn’t try!

In short,
I would not think twice to conclude that September has been the best month in 2014 for me. I also know that the coming months will not be as happening as this one.

Having said that, I am so looking forward for the most awaited book, Half-Girlfriend (Pre-ordered. Review will follow!), dressing up for Dussera, eating my father’s birthday cake, and, celebrating Diwali in my new rainbow dress.

OKAY. I am not going to bore you more.

So all you wonderful people there…

Have a great month ahead!!!


  1. I can so relate to all your Orkut memories. Even though Facebook and other things took over Orkut completely. It's difficult to imagine now that its no more.

    1. So true...
      And this again proves that change is inevitable...
      Thanks Pooja :)